This past June, Pippin Hill’s very own sous chef, Allie McGrath, became Mrs. Allie Redshaw when she married fellow Charlottesville Chef, Ian Redshaw.

3Once upon a time, two students with a passion for food met at the Culinary Institute of America during a student cookout. Upon seeing Allie that day, Ian immediately thought, “I’m going to marry this girl.” Six years later, Ian made good on his promise. Channeling the perfect fairytale ending, he proposed to Allie in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World.

The following year, the couple married on the summer solstice alongside the banks of the James River in Suffolk, Virginia.

We sat down with Allie to better understand how her experience at Pippin Hill inspired her approach to her very own ceremony and reception.

“I drew a great deal of inspiration from the weddings hosted at Pippin Hill each year. From the color palettes to the floral arrangements, or the overall design, each wedding was unique in its own, and opened my eyes to the endless possibilities for my big day. In the end,  we wanted a whimsical and romantic celebration, simple, yet elegant – like a fairytale.” 


Needless to say, Allie and Ian (the former Chef de Cuisine at Charlottesville restaurants L’Etoile and Tavola, and now involved with the new Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria) took a hands-on approach to their wedding’s catering.

Mrs. Redshaw shared, “It was nerve-racking but relieving to be able to enjoy a meal that someone else prepared, but one that we heavily influenced and modified through to perfection.” 

Ian agreed, and likened his relationship with Allie to the perfect meal of ribeye steak and a fine Tuscan wine. Separately, each is good; but together, they’re perfect.

Congratulations to this talented Chef duo! We couldn’t be happier for you.

Photos 1, 3: Tara Liebeck. Photo 2: Redshaw’s personal collection.

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