November 15, 2023|Food & Drink

Pippin Pairings for the Holiday Season

Hosting a holiday feast and unsure which wines pair perfectly with your family’s tried-and-true recipes or traditional foods? The wine experts at Pippin Hill are here to help! Whatever your celebration may be, we’ve rounded up the ultimate guide to pairing Pippin wine with your favorite holiday fare.


Pippin Pairing: Rose 2021

If turkey is on the table for your holiday celebration, reach for a brighter bottle to enjoy between bites, such as Rosé. Although most associate the fresh and fruitful beverage with warmer weather months, its versatility makes it a great match for fall flavors. Its vast pairing ability means each sip perfectly compliments salty turkey, as well as enhances the flavor of sweeter side dishes, such as cranberry sauce.


Pippin Pairing: Sparkling Rose 2021

Sparkling Rosé pairs beautifully with ham because of the protein’s high salt content and dryness, and the carbonation acts as a bonus to clear the salinity in the palate making for a fresh taste with each bite. Slightly sweet, fruit-forward notes help to lift the flavor of fat, giving the ham the perception of a lighter taste. This pairing creates an exciting alchemy that is sure to impress your guests.

Pecan Pie

Pippin Pairing: Cabernet Franc 2021 & Red Pump 2021

Given the tannic nuts and golden, sugary filling of traditional pecan pies, higher-intensity red varieties are a smart pairing for this sweet side, further enhancing its balance of flavors. Because of this, a Cabernet Franc varietal’s peppery flavor makes for an especially tasty combination. To counter this dish’s rich composition, the acidity of the wine works to cut through the ultra-sweet taste. This results in a brighter bite that also contrasts with the pie’s spice flavors, elevating the dish as a whole.


Pippin Pairing: Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 2021 

Some would argue that a holiday celebration isn’t complete without a glass of sparkling wine. What better pairing for a crispy and salty latke than a refreshing bottle of bubbly? Because of the subtly rich flavor of potato pancakes, an acidic sparkling wine works perfectly to counterbalance the oily composition, and ultimately cleanse the palate. Bonus points if your latkes are extra crispy, as this texture plays well with carbonation, creating an effervescent effect that is sure to make you a pairing pro.


Pippin Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Viognier 2021 & Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 2021

Traditionally, white wines are the perfect pairing for a lighter protein such as fish, and various seafood, for their lower intensity and complementary flavor profiles. Crisp white wines with higher acid and minerality are ideal to pair with your seafood feast and will leave your taste buds lively. A bottle of sparkling wine can also elevate your seafood spread, introducing bubbly qualities that cut through oily dishes such as fried, or butter-doused seafood while still complementing the delicate flavor of the protein.

We’ve made it easy to serve up smart pairings that complement your favorite family recipes and make you the ultimate host and tastemaker. Simplify your holiday prep—stock up on your sips for the season with our Holiday Wine Bundle, a six-bottle set featuring a curated variety best paired with festive dishes, or gifted under the tree.