Our Approach to Winemaking

Crafting the finest Virginia Estate wines is our passion and our purpose. Pippin Hill is delighted to partner with Michael Shaps of Virginia WineWorks to oversee our boutique-scale production. After harvesting at their prime, our grapes go through “custom crush” processing – the initial crush, quality evaluation, stainless and french oak barrel fermentation, blending, filtering, and bottling.

Monticello Wine Trail

We at Pippin Hill tip our hat to Thomas Jefferson, “America’s first distinguished viticulturist.” And we are thrilled to have realized the dream that Mr. Jefferson never achieved—producing world-class wines in his native state. Pippin Hill is honored to be among 25 other vineyards and wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail here in the Birthplace of American Wine.

Sustainable Viticulture

Pippin Hill is committed to protecting and preserving the rural agrarian health and beauty of our vineyard and farm environs. We proactively embrace and follow environmentally sound and supportive viticulture practices, minimizing chemical repellents and optimizing natural sprays to keep our vines productive and our land healthy.


“Terroir” in French winemaking terminology means the holistic interface of environment and earth. In other words, the elements and conditions in which wine is produced (elevation, sunlight, soil, topography, water, climate). Pippin Hill’s ideal terroir features a stable foundation of granitic pre-Cambrian formation, a deep groundwater aquifer and soils from two ancient and four alluvial fans.

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Enjoy our signature Sauvignon Blancs, crisp Blanc de Blancs, barrel fermented Chardonnays, Cabernet Francs and other varietals in our breathtaking setting.

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