Many brides find themselves torn between two extremes: the casualty of an intimate backyard wedding, and the luxuriousness of a destination event.

A vineyard wedding offers the perfect compromise!


Balance comfort and class by channeling the unstructured elegance of a mountain vineyard into your wedding. Whether you plan on celebrating the big day onsite or off, there are several simple ways to design your very own winery wedding.

Take cues from the vines blanketing the rolling hillsides by incorporating rustic accents into various parts of your special day. Rather than a large princess-style gown, experiment with light, breezy dresses that move with the wind like hanging vine tendrils. The bolder bride might even choose a rich leaf-green or deep purple hue for her bridesmaids’ dresses. Imitation grapes and rich plum shades create a fun, but sophisticated, bouquet. Don’t forget to “go for the gold” rather than silver; golden necklaces and hair accessories mimic a vineyard sunset.

Jen Fariello-Beehive Events

The reception is the perfect time to continue your winery-wedding theme. Decorate with wooden accents and vivid purple and indigo flowers to imitate autumnal grape vines.

Try wooden lanterns as centerpieces, and use a decorated wooden trellis as a backdrop for guest photos.


For a fun, interactive project before the ceremony, the bride and groom can fashion their own corkboards for guests’ well-wishing messages. Using a large picture frame, glue various wine corks to a thin wooden backing; then, invite guests to pin notes to the board throughout the reception.


Extend your vineyard theme into food selections. Try buffets of cheeses and charcuterie that pair with the wine offerings, and invite guests to find their favorite pairing.

Wine barrels function as fun, unexpected tables during cocktail hour, or even consider a cutting board to complement the rustic flare of your wedding!


Bring the vineyard indoors and savor the elegant intimacy of a winery wedding. Sit down, relax, and let us pour you a glass of our finest. Let yourself be swept away by a Winery Wedding— because after all, nothing’s quite as tranquil as raising a glass to the new Mr. and Mrs.

7 First Photo by Holland Photo Arts
Second Photo by Jen Fariello with Easton Events
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Fourth photo by Jen Fariello with Beehive Events
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