The Waldingfield Beagles are back! Join us on the Hill this Sunday at 3:00 to see the beagles off on their hunt. You can even bring along your hiking shoes if you are up for an adventure and follow the pack throughout the hunt.  Listen for the call of “talley-ho” meaning a rabbit has been spotted.  But don’t worry too much about the cottontails – the rabbit knows its territory and is smaller and faster –  Joint Master and Huntsman Arie Rijke assures us the dogs never catch up with the rabbits.

The Waldingfield Beagles is the nation’s oldest beagle pack.  Started in 1885 by James Waldingfield Appleton, the beagles became the first officially recognized pack by the National Beagle Club in 1889 in Hyannis, MA.  The pack moved to Virginia in 1970 and has been hunting throughout Albemarle County ever since. Bundoran Farm provides the ideal rural setting for the ancient and traditional sport of beagling.  Enjoy the pageantry of the colorful beagles and staff, dressed in their green jackets and white pants, the happy sounds of the hunting horn, and the cry of the beagles evoke the elegance of country living in Virginia.  Above all, seeing the beagles is great fun!

First photo thanks to Garden & Gun 

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