When we say green, what comes to mind?

For us at Pippin Hill our thoughts go directly to the vast rolling hillsides of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
But, it’s more than just a spectacular view.

Green is crunchy, bright ingredients from our kitchen garden transferred onto your afternoon lunch plate. It is Rosemary, Thyme, Sage. Green is blossoming flowers and freshly cut grass. Green is the carefree innocence of children frolicing in the afternoon sunshine. Green is a ripe, sweet grape ready to be clipped from the vines and made into your favorite Pippin Hill wine.

Green signifies health, vibrance and energy.

Celebrate green in your day, and see our green collection at Pippin Hill!

Aaron-Watson-Pippin-Hill-green-spring-wedding-celebration-vineyardChef's-Garden-Eric-Kelley-pippin-hill-garden-lettuce-kitchenreception-space-greenJen-Fariello-weddinggreen-food-Andrea-Hubbell-photographyvinesandrea-hubbellfresh-airfirst photo by Elisa Bricker
second photo by Aaron Watson Photography
third photo by Eric Kelley Photography
fourth photo by Katie Stoops, florals by Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Design
fifth photo by Elisa Bricker, florals by Beehive Events
sixth photo by Jen Fariello 
seventh and ninth photo by Andrea Hubbell
tenth photo by Elisa Bricker, florals by Beehive Events

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