Summertime is in full swing and our garden is in full bloom here at Pippin Hill! We have a wide variety of herbs and vegetables that are maturing for harvest. These fresh garden herbs and vegetables make flavorful additions to our farm to table dishes featured on the Tasting Room menu. Here is a closer look at this week’s harvest from the garden.

Our Horticulturist, Diane, harvested stalks of Nebechan Scallions and colorful Bright Lights Swiss Chards. After harvesting, Diane immediately begins to prepare the soil and plant more seeds so we have a consistent, bountiful succession of harvests for the kitchen to bring to the table.

Harvesting Tip: Timing is very important for the overall quality of the final product. Diane recommends harvesting leafy greens such as lettuce, scallions, and herbs in the morning when the plants are fully hydrated. They will stay crisp and store longer. Fruiting vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and zucchinis are less sensitive to wilting and can be picked later in the day.

In the kitchen, Chef Bill plans to use the Kitchen Garden scallions in a Ricotta Scallion Torte, baked with caramelized scallions and garnished with a cool herb salad. The swiss chards will also be featured on the menu in the Garden Salad, a light summer salad tossed with local fruits, vegetables and our Pippin Hill rose agrodulce.

Our Kitchen and Garden work in close collaboration to create delicious and complementary farm – to – table dishes. Come join us in the Tasting Room to try fresh dishes from the Kitchen Garden!

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