Our land is our foundation. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards is a locavore haven. Slow-growth agriculture and sustainable viticulture are at the root of everything we do at Pippin Hill, and our terroir is the thumbprint that instills character into each bottle of Pippin Hill wine.

Terroir starts from the ground up. Virginia’s major wine growing climates vary from mountainous to maritime, and each region is shaped by the soil on which it stands. On the eastern coast, you’ll find sandy loam and sea breezes, and in the west, granite-based soil and high altitudes distinguish the mountainous terroir. Our soil, a mixture of clay and loam, draws qualities from each of Virginia’s diverse winegrowing regions to create a blend unlike any other.

Underlying our site are layers of ancient Precambrian rock and soil that provide a natural drainage system and nutrient-rich foundation for our vines. High in macro and micronutrients, our soil is self-sustainable. With red clay’s extremely high water retention, our vines require minimal irrigation – Virginia’s ever-changing weather patterns take care of the rest. The clay content of our soil gives our Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier wines the distinct minerality and character that makes them two of our best-selling wines year-round.

From the valley floor to hilltop peak, our vineyard rises up twelve storeys, a dramatic slope that allows for consistent year-round natural breezes. Our Southern exposure provides our grapes with the necessary balance of sun and shade, with the most fragile grape varietals sitting on the uppermost slope and the heartier varietals planted closer to the valley floor. Between our on-site vines and our sixteen-acre off-site vineyard plot Clovergreen, we grow nine different grape varietals, creating a portfolio of artisanal wines that is exclusively sold in our Tasting Room and at Easton Porter Group properties.

We produce unforgettable wine because of our extraordinary environment. Our terroir is who we are, and our Virginia roots run through each bottle of Pippin Hill wine.

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