Pippin Hill’s Tasting Room delights in crafting high-quality cuisine to complement our world-class wine selection. At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, we want your wine and food to compliment each other so that you have the best dining experience possible. Learn how to pair our Sauvignon Blanc.

When we think about Sauvignon Blanc, we think seafood. Cod, crustaceans, and other white fish are the perfect entrees for this light, citrusy wine. When you’re enjoying it in our Tasting Room, pair it with our Wild Rockfish. The lightness of the wine won’t overpower the dish so you will taste the full flavors of each component. Also, the wine’s acidity plays well with the buttered and seared qualities of the fish.


Pairing world-class wines with excellent cuisine is our specialty, and we want our guests to be experts too! Learn more about wine and food pairing here.

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