At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, our holiday preparations are in full swing! Our Certified Horticulturist Diane Burns has been busy crafting fresh decor sourced from our kitchen garden and local farm partners. We believe that the best food and wine are sustainably grown and locally sourced, and our holiday decor is no different. The best decorations can be found at a local farm or in your backyard.

To make our Evergreen garland and wreaths, Diane used boxwood, white pine, and Norway spruce sourced from her yard. For our boxwood wreath on the veranda, Diane decorated it with cinnamon sticks, dried grapefruit slices, dried lemon slices, and dried lime slices. The fruit adds a natural and colorful touch.

Diane loves to hang white spruce garland in our Tasting Room. To add an extra festive touch, she adorned the garland with bundles of dried rye grass, dried chili peppers, dried okra, and garlic balls. She also used the bundles–with the addition of dried Pumpkin on a Stick–to make table arrangements. Our trusted neighbor Big Arms Farm provided all the dried produce from their local property.

For our table garland, Diane used Southern Magnolia and sprayed Evergreen. She added in three kinds of berries–bittersweet, winter, and choke. The green leaves and red berries combination gives the classic holiday look and feel.

The kissing ball is a Christmas decorating must at Pippin Hill Farm. It instantly adds holiday cheer to our veranda’s windows. All you need to make one is Norway spruce, winter berries on a stick, boxwood, arborvitae, and an aqua foam globe.


Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind as you decorate this year:

  • If you plan to dry your vegetables, keep their long stems attached. The stalks make crafting arrangements much easier.
  • Spray your fresh wreaths and garland with Wilt-Pruf to keep them moist.
  • If you make a kissing ball of your own, thoroughly soak your aqua foam globe in water before sticking in fresh Evergreen stems.
  • For a quick and easy table decoration, place a few sprigs of Evergreen and a bunch of berries in a glass vase. Add water and you’re done!


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