SOMM1“Should set the bar for all films about wine that follow.” – L. Pierce Carson, Napa Valley Register

A first of its kind documentary is hitting theatres and iTunes on Friday, June 21st.   SOMM, a film directed by Jason Wise explores the journey of four dedicated, driven and wine obsessed male friends as they prepare for the grueling exam that qualifies only a select few for the distinction and prestige of becoming a Master Sommelier.

“I cried when my parents died, I cried when my children were born.  The only other time outside of that that I cried was when I passed this exam.”

Think you know a lot about wine?  This documentary will challenge your wine wisdom and question your own knowledge of all things wine.  Since its inception nearly 40 years ago, only 170 people in the world have successfully reached the Master level.

Watch the movie trailer here.


photos taken from iTunes Movie Trailer Image Gallery

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