As many of you probably know, here at Pippin Hill, we’re big advocates of incorporating seasonal produce from our garden into our cuisine — but who said we had to stop there? Push the boundaries of the traditional garden-to-glass libation, sangria, by experimenting with cocktails that bring the freshest ingredients to your favorite go-to drink!

Check out some creative (and more importantly, delicious!) ways to update cocktail hour, or even your last summer soirée using Earth’s bounty as your inspiration. Fresh ingredients offer a great opportunity to put your own little flourish on classic drinks. Cocktails not only give you a chance to play with your theme; they’re a fun way to show off your own personality!

Pippin Hill’s Artisan Catering shows exquisite examples of this fun trend.

Pippin Cider: Dark Rum, Cinnamon Schnapps, Lemon, Local Apples
Is there anything better on a breezy autumn night than a glass of cider? Ask any cider aficionado and they’ll confirm our stance: fresh, local apples can’t be beat. This cozy classic  gets a splash of the unexpected with lemon and dark rum.


PerfectPear: Pear Liquor, St. Germain, Pear Nectar, Dehydrated Pear 

This cocktail channels the Southern gentleman and his belle. Light and refreshing, pear compliments St. Germain (elderberry-flavored French liqueur) to create a whimsical take on a pristine beverage. The Perfect Pear is the perfect answer for modern elegance, and let’s face it, for a wedding cocktail hour.


Maker Happy: Lavender Syrup, Marker’s Mark, House Sour, Candied Ginger
Who says a lady can’t be poised and spunky? If you’re the kind of person that values a night on the town just as much as a night at the ball, this is the drink for you! Our chefs love using lavender in dishes, and the fragrant herb adds a subdued elegance to bourbon whiskey. This drink isn’t your grandmother’s herbal tea—it’s a sweet and sour kick!

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Kiss Royale: Sparkling Blanc de Blanc, Pomegranate Liquor, Pomegranate Seeds
Bring some zing from the garden into your glass with pomegranate. Our Sparkling wine gets a chic upgrade with sweet but tangy pomegranate. Pucker up!

AHubbell food shoot-3

Whether a special occasion or a get together at home, cocktails with fresh ingredients are the ideal way to thank your guests while simultaneously injecting a little zing! of personality into your favorite beverage. Thank your guests with the perfect cocktail — they’ll be sure to thank you, too!

Image 1: RachelCooks (rachelcoks.com)
Image 2,3,4: Andrea Hubbell (andreahubbell.com)

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