The fall season at Pippin Hill is a favorite of many of our team members. Learn more about our team’s fall favorites:

Dean Andrews, Proprietor – Starting the day with crisp morning walks through our vineyard…Ending it over a glass of Petit Verdot and watching the early sunset with Lynn.

Bill Scatena, Executive Chef – Early, fall greens. The shift of the season and its effect on the flavors and textures of our greens — from summer’s crispy and light greens to fall’s robust and hearty greens.

Chris Uher, Wine Coordinator – Spiced mulled wine with Pippin Hill’s Winemaker’s Select Red, following on the footsteps of a successful harvest.

Scott Meynig, Director of Operations – The turning leaves and how the view, which is always beautiful, continues to change.

Matt Lovelady, Tasting Room Manager – Fall is a season that showcases the vibrant fall foliage of Virginia, but even more so, its residents.

Megan Moses, Director of Sales – The change in wedding color palettes toward warmer, deeper, more pigmented shades of cranberry, bronze and burnt orange.

Curry Uflacker, Director of Marketing – The anticipation of Pippin Hill’s homemade pizza paired with a glass of our Cab Franc.

Meg Forch, Event Sales & Marketing Manager – The smells — the smoke from our wood-burning oven, crisp autumn air, cinnamon & nutmeg.

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