IMG_6147Reach for Rosé to Savor the Height of the Summer Season!

We’re pretty much obsessed with our 2014 Summer Farm Rosé, so this tasting room wine recommendation comes easily. With the end of summer quickly approaching, now is the time to capitalize on this straightforward, versatile and downright charming wine.

Rosé is making a comeback and our rosé is cheerful, bright and a pure palate pleasure. It might even make you blush with a glow. Yes, it is sheer deliciousness. Our Rosé is both floral and fruity in the aromatics, like a basket of strawberries and yellow raspberries garnished with dogwood blossom and honeysuckle.
Sound like summer in a bottle? We think so too.

It is the perfect wine for that hot, sunny day, chilled and within arm’s reach, so that you can refill your glass without having to get out of the hammock.
Getting out of the hammock is the worst.

We recommend pairing our Summer Farm Rosé with one of our new
Farm Table & Wine Bar Menu Items:
Best of the Summer Heirloom Tomato Salad.

pippin-hill-heirloom-salad summer-farm-rose-lunchOur Heirloom Tomato Salad features burrata cheese, lemon basil, jacobsen sea salt and grilled french bread.

The strawberry notes of the Rosé enhance the juiciness and sweetness of the heirloom tomatoes as the dry finish cuts through the richness of the Ligurian Olive oil, making this the ideal summertime salad for your afternoon lunch.

As we enter prime time of the summer season, our Executive Chef, Bill Scatena knows what flavors and produce scream the season’s best,

“There’s something to be said about the relationship between the burrata cheese and the summertime tomatoes. The burrata cheese with its light, deep flavor combined with sweet summertime tomatoes and freshly picked basil is utterly irresistable.  The flavors on this dish, is sort of like a match made in heaven and the perfect pairing with the light, crispness of our Rosé. 

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