Richard Leahy’s new book delves into the history of Jefferson’s quest to develop the American wine industry and simultaneously explores the current landscape of Virginia vineyards and wineries.

Pippin Hill is proud to be featured in the book and Dean and Lynn sat down with Leahy to discus our focus on sustainable building, viticulture, and operating practices along with the balance between food, wine, and events at Pippin Hill.  Lynn aptly notes “the Monticello Viticultural Area has the emerging potential to become the Napa of twenty years ago.  I think this is the golden time for Virginia wine. It’s about creating memories.”   As we read in  Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, the Virginia wine industry is at a precipice and ready to take the next step towards realizing Jefferson’s dream for a successful and recognized Virginia wine scene.

The book has been garnering great feedback and Warren Richard of VirginiaWineTime.com writes:

“Richard Leahy masterfully captures the past, present and future of a wine region that has grown dramatically in recent years.  Pour yourself a glass of a favorite Virginia wine and follow Leahy as he tastes his way through Virginia wine country.  Wine afficianados at all levels who want to know more about this emerging wine region will find Beyond Jefferson’s Vines to be indispensable.”

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