Spend National Rosé Day the best way possible—sipping on a chilled glass of Pippin Hill’s 2018 Rosé while soaking up the Blue Ridge views this Saturday, June 9th. Enjoy a glass (or bottle!) of our rosé accompanied with Executive Chef Ian Rynecki’s delicious cheese board. In case you are unable to join us and are celebrating at home, Pippin Hill’s Vineyard Manager Brooks Hoover and Chef Ian share the best cheese pairings to complement, and not overshadow, the taste of the rosé.

The perfect cheese board features Little Hosmer, a new style of brie, from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar from New York City, Monte Enebro Pasteurized Goat Cheese handmade in Spain, and Lamb Chopper Cheese from California.

Chef Ian recommends pairing the Lamb Chopper cheese with homemade pistachio spread. Made with only three ingredients—pistachios, sugar, and olive oil—it is an easy recipe to tackle at home! While the Little Hosmer pairs well with fig jam, enjoy the Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar and the Monte Enebro Pasteurized Goat Cheese with cranberry jam.

Serve on top of a cracker or dried fruit and these simple pairings will surely elevate your National Rosé Day to the next level. Join us this Saturday to #roséallday at Pippin Hill!

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