beagling-pippin-hill-virginia Guests quickly grab their sweet tea and mini gourmet sammies, and eagerly hustle over to the edge of The Hill. Shouts of “pack-in” ring across the land, as a sharp horn slices through the silence of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

At the command of Joint Master and Hunstman Arie Rijke and the call of “Tally-ho,” they are off! The Waldingfield Beagles take off down The Hill in search of the rabbit.

This warm weather and surprise sunshine, conjures up memories of our September Garden & Gun and Land Rover event, and in particular – Beagling with the cutest little pups in all of C’ville!

Considered the oldest beagle pack in Virginia, The Waldingfield Beagles were a crowd pleaser at our weekend event. As several of the guests followed behind the beagles for an adventure, many posted up in lounge chairs for the history of Beagling & to watch the pups in action! Read more about our Garden & Gun and Land Rover here.

photos by Eric Kelley Photography.


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