First Snow, December 4, 2010

I have always been fascinated by architectural design and the craftsmanship behind a beautiful building.  I love that the fundamental building blocks (literally) of Pippin Hill are rooted in a simplistic hand-hewn post and beam construction – a nod to early American agrarian and architectural history.

Our barn-builder, George Abetti, founded his company Geobarns ,which utilizes a unique architectural engineering technique featuring basic post and beam design coupled with diagonal framing.  The resulting structures are strong, versatile and beautiful.  George’s personal enthusiasm and passion for his projects are infectious… and our construction crews have redefined the term “attention to detail”.  Every site visit reveals a new nut and bolt, a new wall, a new insight into the construction process.  Pippin Hill has started to come to life!

Check out Pippin Hill’s Progress in Pictures on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/pippinhillfarm

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