C’Ville Weekly writer Simon Davidson ventured out to Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards on two different occasions this past month to sample from our Farm Table & Wine Bar Menu, which we designed to be part of Virginia’s Agritourism initiative, supporting local farm producers.  The reason for Mr. Davidson’s frequent return to The Hill?  He will explain that it offers something few other vineyards do, “a world-class dining experience.”

“With its noteworthy restaurant, Pippin Hill edges out the competition.”

The article successfully highlights the collaborative efforts of owners Dean Andrews and Lynn Easton of Easton Events and their unique and detailed vision for their farm winery and event venue that soon became a reality, with a view that “is so beautiful it seems unreal.”   Including a Chef serving high end food at their venue was a no-brainer, as Dean put it “I wouldn’t have ever thought of it any other way.” Chef Amalia Scatena joined Pippin Hill and transformed every bite – infusing each dish with local, bright, flavorful ingredients.  Her Vineyard to Table approach and outstanding dishes quickly made Pippin Hill a standout Vineyard.

Read Living Up to the plate for Simon’s review of Pippin Hill and the extraordinary food that makes us a forerunner in a state bustling with wineries.

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