Looking for the perfect Bridesmaid’s gift to suit your entire bridal party? Erin McDermott of Erin McDermott Jewelry has you covered. Pouring heart and soul into her business, Erin’s hand-crafted jewelry has drawn national recognition and it’s obvious why — each one of her pieces is truly unique. Her jewelry tells a story, shares a moment and is something special. For us, Erin McDermott Jewelry embodies the theme of our Pippin Hill…modern, but effortlessly timeless.

A former UVA Wahoo and vendor at the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market, Erin has deep roots in our beloved C’ville. Erin now resides in North Carolina with her husband, Ryan, and her lovable pup, Sukie. The only disappointing factor? Sukie doesn’t come with your order.

We asked Erin for bridesmaid’s gift ideas and she pointed us towards five perfect pieces of jewelry for the classic and conservative, yet bold and funky bridesmaid.

1. Whitney Earrings

2. Winter White Druzy & Clear Quartz Earrings

3. Caroline Earrings

4. Five Pearl Everyday Necklace

5. Rectangle Necklace

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