While our hydrangeas are beautiful year-round, we especially love when they are in full-bloom! It’s the beginning of August (or, as we like to call it, Hydrangea Season) in Charlottesville, which means that they’ll be in full bloom for the next few weeks. We promise you, there’s no better welcome to Pippin Hill than a walk through the hydrangea pathway. 

In honor of “hydrangea season,” we talked to our plant whisperer, Certified Horticulturist Diane Burns to learn the ins and outs of our limelight hydrangeas. Keep reading below, and you might even find yourself growing them in your backyard! 

  1. At Pippin, we have limelight hydrangeas, one of many varieties! Their official, botanical name is Hydrangea Paniculata (If you find yourself searching for lime-lights and can’t find them, this might be why!) 
  2. Because they bloom on new wood, they need to be pruned down to about 2.5′-3′ feet in height in late winter to early spring. This allows you to take in their beauty as they become crisp throughout the fall! In contrast, the common blue type of hydrangea, Hydrangea Macrophylla, blooms on old wood and should be pruned right after it blooms in the late summer.
  3. They grow to be about 6-8′ feet in height and have a 4′-5′ feet spread when they reach full bloom. Pro-tip: If you have a smaller space, a newer cultivar of  the limelight called ‘Little Lime’ only grows to be about 4′ feet in height and spread.
  4. Hydrangeas grow best in full sun and benefit from some late afternoon shade. “Since ours are in full sun 8:00am – 8:00pm, I give them plenty of water during dry periods to keep the leaves and flowers from turning brown early,” shares Diane. 
  5. Limelights are named after their actual coloring! They have a wonderful lime green color to them while most buds are still tight. When in full bloom, they turn to a creamy white with just a hint of green in the center. 

Ready to plant your own hydrangeas? We don’t blame you! Be sure to stop by Pippin Hill to check the limelight variety out for yourself. Our hydrangeas line Pippin Hill’s main walkway, and they make the perfect photo op when they’re in full bloom! Enjoy a glass of wine and the blue ridge views before snapping an Insta-worthy picture. 

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