At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, creating world-class wines is our passion. We believe our top-notch wine selection deserves an equally excellent culinary selection to serve alongside it. We carefully curate wine and food pairings to ensure our guests leave with a a satisfied stomach and palate.

Our Rosé is a delightfully refreshing wine that never disappoints. The plush palate of raspberries gives way to tart sour cherries, with a touch of watermelon. It’s slightly dry finish makes it instantly refreshing.

Our Rosé is a perfect porch-sipper. Best served ice cold, this wine is perfect to sip on during the hot summer months. It doesn’t linger on the palate and doesn’t need food to pair with it. If you do want something to nosh on while your here, pair it with our Charcuterie Board. The mild flavor of the meat won’t take away from the floral notes of the wine. The wine’s fruit flavors will compliment and contrast with the savory flavors of the meats.
Pairing world-class wines with excellent cuisine is our specialty, and we want our guests to be experts too! Learn more about how to best pair your food and wine here.

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