In our latest update, I mentioned that Dean and Lynn were traveling to San Miguel this week, to meet with our design and production teams based in Mexico.

Sebastian and Martin are helping us source reclaimed wood for the various interior elements of Pippin Hill.  The talented teams of carpenters are currently producing our window panes and doors, replete with hand-wrought iron details.

One of the coolest and most unique items being customized for us, is the Tasting Room bar – it is being constructed from a 500-year-old Montezuma Cypress tree, a native treasure of Mexico.  Lynn just sent me this video from their site view of the tree… I couldn’t resist and had to post immediately!

The Montezuma Cypress tree is extremely hardy with a very long lifespan (some grow as old as 2,000 years).  These trees grow near streams and underwater aquifers, and ours is a very rare find, as they are Mexico’s national tree and thus, carefully protected.  A Montezuma Cypress therefore cannot be cut down while still alive… given the naturally dried condition of our tree, it is estimated to have died 10 years ago.  Our tree’s circumference is 10′ and stood approximately 70-80′ tall!

More news from their trip to Mexico next week…

Dean, Sebastian, and Martin

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