We are so thrilled to announce to you that our Pippin Hill wines have been awarded eight medals for the 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup! At the start of each new year, wineries across Virginia submit their finest wines into the prestigious, four-week Wine Competition. In the 39th year of the competition, 16 world-class judges sampled 544 of the best Virginia wines from over 100 Virginia wineries.

The prestigious panel of judges is led by Judging Director Jay Youmans, a professional wine taster for nearly 30 years. Judges used the 100 point Wine Spectator scale to rate the most outstanding wines Virginia has to offer, commenting on each wines’ appearance, aroma, flavor, commercial suitability, and overall quality. Together, these aspects helped judges curate their list of Virginia’s award-winning wines for 2021.

Chef Ian will be incorporating special food pairings to each of our Governor Cup Wine winners each weekend throughout the Spring season. Be on the lookout for these limited-time, award-winning pairings.

Our Gold Medal Winners

2019 Zero White

On the Nose:  Lemon rind, Vanilla bean, jasmine, perfume
On the Palate:  Banana, lavender, pear, lychee, almond
On the Finish:  Lean body (light), medium plus acidity

2017 Easton Blue

On the Nose:  Black plum, black currants, licorice, black cherry
On the Palate:  Plum, date, leather, sage, coriander, tobacco
On the Finish:
  Medium oak, medium plus tannin and acid

2015 Easton Blue

On the Nose: Oak, chocolate, cherries, sage
On the Palate:  Cherry, blackberry, licorice, fennel
On the Finish:
Medium oak, medium tannin and acid

Our Silver Medal Winners

2017 Wild Common Reserve

2014 Petit Verdot

2019 Chardonnay Reserve

2019 Cabernet Franc

2019 Blanc de Blanc

Eager to try our latest winning wines? Consider our Governor’s Cup Trio! We’ve chosen two of our gold medal winners,  Zero White 2019 and Easton Blue 2017, and one of our silver medal winners, Chardonnay Reserve 2019, to share in this award winning bundle.

Try our award-winning wines with speciality pairings in our Tasting Room!

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