Our Food Philosophy

Pippin Hill’s culinary approach is grounded in the locavore, slow-food movement.

We believe that sustainably grown, locally sourced food and wine tastes better and is better for you, and for our environment and local economy. Seasonal, fresh, organic, imaginative—that’s our recipe. Pure and simple.

Vineyard-to-Table Cuisine

A fresh twist on an Old World winery

Pippin Hill’s vineyard, garden, farm and kitchen are seamlessly interwoven. We tend our vines in tandem with growing fresh herbs and vegetables, and Pippin Hill menus and products are inspired by our wines and vines. Grown here, enjoyed here; from vineyard-to-table, everything is fresh, local, sustainable and delicious. To raise a glass and enjoy shared plates at Pippin Hill is to celebrate the goodness and bounty of this place.

Food & Wine Pairing

Our tasting menu offers something for everyone

Featuring shared plates and appetizers – with every offering designed to complement our wines. We will happily recommend the perfect wine pairing for your menu selections, or vice versa.

Explore Our Wines


Wonderful cuisine comes from wonderful ingredients. And wonderful ingredients come from great farmers. Pippin Hill Farm’s menus are inspired by the abundance of local and regional farm producers including:

Caromont Farm

Farm Partner

Just 23 miles south of Charlottesville, Gail Hobbs-Page produces exquisite fresh and aged cheeses of “place” from the milk of her Alpine, Saanen and La Mancha goats and Nathan Vergins’ herd of grass fed Jerseys at nearby Silky Cow Farm.


Whisper Hill Farm

Farm Partner

Since 2010, James and Holly Hammond have farmed the four acres of Whisper Hill, raising certified organic vegetables, herbs and cut flowers in Scottsville, Virginia.



Manakintowne Specialty Growers

Farm Partner

The wide array of gourmet and heirloom produce grown by Joe and Rob Pendergraph includes everything from fresh herbs and micro greens to fresh coriander and black Spanish radishes. Their 21 acres along the James River is sustainably farmed, including protected wildlife habitat and vegetative buffers.


Olli Salumeria

Farm Partner

Olli Salumeria’s prized slow-cured meats are based on 160-year-old family recipes handed down over four generations to founder, Oliviero “Olli” Colmignoli. Their artisanal products are made with pork from heritage-breed pigs raised on family-owned sustainable farms.


Farm Partners

  • J. Q. Dickinson Salt

    Product: Salt


  • Rock Barn

    Product: Pork


  • Whistle Creek

    Product: Honey


  • Mountain View

    Product: Cheese