Our horticulturalist, Diane Burns, is preparing Pippin Hill’s  Kitchen Garden for the winter months as she harvests vegetables & leafy greens for perhaps the last time in 2016. With the weekend’s impending frost, she is busy at work winterizing the heartier plant & harvesting what won’t withstand the cold winter: broccoli, swiss chard, Encore lettuce, arugula and beet greens. Though the beets from her harvest are small and premature, Diane knows that their leafy tops are nutrient-rich and delicious~ perfect for steaming or sautéing.  Diane insulates the fig plants with fallen leaves to keep them warm throughout the winter months and shields the heartier of the leafy greens like cabbage, kale and parsley from the cold with a row cover. She will continue to harvest cabbage, kale and parsley throughout the winter.

With such a bountiful final harvest of the year, Pippin Hill guests can expect to see some of these fresh greens on the menu in the coming week. Visit us this weekend to enjoy fresh, seasonal dishes inspired by Diane’s harvest!

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