You already know wine is made from grapes, but have you ever wondered what exactly formulates the complex flavors of our signature Pippin Hill Farm wines? We are lucky to be based in Charlottesville, Virginia, which is a growing and flourishing wine region. Our prime location has allowed us to experiment with a wide range of grapes and work with some of the finest varietals available.

One of our favorite grape varietals is the Chambourcin grape, whose origins can be traced back to the Loire Valley in France.  According to the Virginia Wine Board, Chambourcin has “strong herbal aromas and crisp acidity,” and is typically used for a dry-style red wine. The grape often stands alone as a straight varietal but also in blending to add delicious fruit flavors.

At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, we use the Chambourcin primarily as a blending grape. Our popular Bin 21, a Port wine, contains a whopping 97% Chambourcin — your best bet to truly appreciate the grape’s distinct flavor. Cannon Red and Red Pump both contain 44% Chambourcin, and our popular Rosé and Sparkling Rosé both contain 27% Chambourcin,

Chambourcin-based wines pair well with a variety of foods, including hamburgers, Mahi-Mahi, and veal!

At Pippin, our Chambourcin vines are located at one of our offsite vineyard blocks, called Clovergreen – literally a ten minute drive down Plank Road.  You can’t see these vines in action on site but you are always welcome to stop by and sample their flavor with a few glasses at our tasting room! You can even join our wine club for the exclusive scoop on all of our wine, along with complimentary tastings, a 15% off tasting room discount, and quarterly wine shipments. The vineyard-to-table experience doesn’t get better than that.

We hope you see you soon!

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