Pippin Hill’s new little fuzzy friends are quickly BEE-coming a highlight of our sustainability pledge. Not only are our new bees working to pollinate the plants at our Vineyard, but the apiary that we’ve created for them will hopefully allow them to increase their population size.

Elysium Honey Co., the founders of our new hives, says, “Given healthy forage, bees will prosper”, and we plan to do just that. Given the wide variety of forage at Pippin for our bees to pollinate, our bees will face no shortage on nectar, and in just a few months, we’ll have no shortage on honey!!

We know that our five honey hives will not solely replenish the honey bee population on a global scale, but by providing our hives with a happy, healthy environment for them to flourish, we’re doing our part in striving towards a sort of dual-progress; progress for our plants, and progress for the bees!!

Come visit us, and find our adorable new bee hives out past the right of our chicken coop! Don’t get too close to our fence, but don’t miss out – it’s a bee-utiful sight!

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