A wedding venue that boasts a rustic, organic feel on the exterior, yet allows endless possibilities on the interior. The beauty of Pippin Hill is that it offers a “blank canvas” for our brides to transform into a space of their dreams.

When it comes to the reception décor all eyes will be on the tables. We see a range of captivating arrangements and design that completely transform our reception space in The Granary.

With every wedding, we see brilliant arrangements and designs that capture the colors of the season. From our fall fetes to summer celebrations, every bride adds her personal touch to create her dream wedding day.
Barnett-wedding-aaron-Watsoneric kelley-easton-southern bloomsElisa-B-Beehive-EventsHaltli_Walsh_Aaron_Watson_Photography_AaronWatsonPhotographyPippinHillFarmWedding333elisa-b-easton-events-beehive-eventsSouthern-BloomsEric-Kelleyfirst photo – Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Design, Aaron Watson Photography, Easton Events
second photo – Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Design, Eric Kelley Photography, Easton Events
third photo – Beehive Events, Elisa B. Photography
fourth photo – Beehive Events, Aaron Watson Photography
fifth photo – Beehive Events, Easton Events, Elisa B. Photography
sixth photo – Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral DesignEaston Events, Holland Photo Arts,
seventh photo – Beehive Events, Eric Kelley Photography

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