Hosting over 60 weddings a year, we have seen a fair share of wedding trends. From the initial discussion, to an extensive menu tasting, to day-of execution, we have the insider’s scoop of what’s trending on the wedding scene this year.

Flowers: 2014 is all about softer colors, yet full-bodied floral arrangements. Peonies, cream roses, and even ferns are setting the stage for an earthy vibe for our weddings this year.  Simple, yet powerful, these arrangements can be boosted with twinkling candles, crystal, or mirrors. Yet, even alone, these blush flowers add a simple and sophisticated elegance that the popular bright bouquet may not. Conveniently, this palate also fits well with most venues and decors to complete your planning.


Theme: The Roaring 20’s are hitting 2014! The Great Gatsby is proving to be quite the influence for brides this season. Whether it’s the razzle-dazzle glamor highlighted in the 2013 film, or perhaps the live brass music, flowing bubbly and sequins, we are psyched that Fitzgerald’s romantic drama is stealing the hearts of so many couples this year!


Culinary Experience: Despite 2014’s return to old elegance, dinner is starting to become a more casual affair. Family style serving is on the rise, with waiters floating around to replenish stations and guests enjoying the opportunity for an extended mingling session. The station style dinner allows guests to customize their own plate. Vegetarian? Gluten Free? Pescetarian? No problem. There’s a food option for everyone!

In 2014, your guests won’t be picking around the broccoli or hitting the dance floor hungry.

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Honeymoon: While 2013 saw many relaxing, beachy locations, such as Tahiti, 2014 has an appetite for adventure. Thus, New Zealand is the honeymoon destination on the rise. New Zealand offers the same pristine serenity as the traditional beach locations, but with an edge. The jagged mountains provide hiking and biking trails, and the surrounding waters are perfect for kayaking, boating, or a casual swim in crystal clear waters.  The stunning cliffs also make it a stellar location to satisfy you daredevils, with options for ziplining and parachuting. Likewise, New Zealand has an incredible wine country, which makes for a great day trip.


Hashtags: Everyone takes pictures at weddings, but not everyone gets to see them. With all the social media available, finding photos and sharing experiences is easier than ever. One of our favorite trends this year is creating your own wedding hashtag. Be creative and have fun with it. Find some of your favorite candid moments filtered into one collective space. As you wait for the photographer’s images, you will be grateful to have a collection of instant memories.


Mismatched Bridal Dresses: One big trend sweeping over 2014 is mismatched dresses for your bridal party. Instead of having the same dress for every bridesmaid, consider selecting a color scheme and letting the girls be creative. Not only will it add a fun pop to your pictures, but it allows your girls to find a dress that they truly love, and let’s face it — even may wear again!

7-1first photo by Jen Fariello
second photo by Cramer Photo with Easton Events
third photo by Tec Petaja
fourth photo by Down Under Endeavors
fifth photo by Cardin Creative Photography
sixth photo by Jen Fariello with Easton Events

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