Summer is finally here—unfortunately, that also means battling relentless bugs! Lynn Easton, co-owner of Pippin Hill and founder of Easton Events, is an expert in keeping the bugs away at large outdoor events. As featured in The Washington Post, we highlight Lynn’s pro-tips that will guarantee happy guests and a bug-free evening!

Provide guests with bug spray and repellent wipes 

Lynn makes bug spray wedding friendly by placing “a pretty little tray outside with sprays and organic [repellent] bracelets, and sometimes herbs and essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and cedarwood.” Choose organic repellent as a pleasant alternative to harsh commercial sprays. Lynn’s favorite repellent bracelet, the Parakito Wristband, is both stylish and refillable. 

Light the area with torches 

Gorgeous torches and citronella votives are perfect for a large outdoor event. While torches light a pathway, they can also contain bug repellent! 

Keep flower decorations in mind 

Avoid attracting extra bugs to the outdoor area by carefully choosing flower decorations that do not smell too sweet.

Stay away from serving certain foods 

Lynn also shares that certain hors d’oeuvres, such as platters of ripe, soft cheese will attract mosquitoes. Limit these food choices to minimize bugs!

Keep reading for more pro-tips from Lynn: 

Grow herbs such as rosemary and basil to keep the bugs away all season 

The pungent smell of these herbs will drive away mosquitoes, moths, and flies. Bee balm, lemon grass (citronella), dill, catmint, and thyme are also good choices. Grow these herbs around a deck or patio to create a bug-free outdoor area.

Keep it classic with incense sticks 

Golda Hiba Wood Incense is blended with Aomori Hiba oil found in 300-year-old Japanese trees. These incense sticks are great for relaxing and keeping the bugs away. If you prefer something a bit more old-fashioned, try punk sticks from the Vermont Country Store. A classic that is sure to work!

Get a professional to spray the area 

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, ask the venue if it is possible to get the area sprayed by a professional a few days prior to the big day!

Stay simple with fans 

Large fans will not only keep guests cool in the summer heat but will also drive the bugs away.

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