Happy November! ‘Tis the season…for turkey! This year we’re thankful to be able to order and pick up a Timbercreek Farms Turkey while sipping wine at Pippin Hill. Timbercreek’s 14-16 lb Heritage American Bronze Turkeys are a local and delicious addition to your Thanksgiving Dinner. For a delightfully festive day with family and family, just add sides!


Why are we grateful for Timbercreek Turkeys?

“Turkeys live in mobile houses that are rotated daily to fresh pasture. This allows the birds the liberty to graze and forage. The turkeys are also provided with the same great non-GMO feed supplement that we offer our other poultry to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. The result is an exquisite flavor.”


Order forms are available at Pippin Hill or online here. Designate to pick it up at Pippin Hill on Sunday, November 18th and enjoy Live Music on the Hill with the local band 2 Wishes.

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