With its bright pink color and its floral, fruity flavor, our 2017 Pippin Hill rosé is one of our most popular summertime wines. Its aroma of strawberry and rose and palate of white nectarine, raspberry and a touch of peach makes it the perfect porch-sipper on those long summer days – once you take a sip, you’ll want to #RoséAllDay every day of the week. To complement our light and refreshing rosé, we wanted to create a brand new bottle design that highlights the wine’s vibrant color.

For this project, we partnered with Stitch Design Co., a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Charleston, South Carolina. Stitch understood that we didn’t just want our rosé bottle design to look beautiful – we wanted it to tell our story.

Pippin Hill celebrates the natural beauty and bounty of our land with a vineyard-to-table philosophy – our vines, kitchen garden, and chicken coop profoundly shape Pippin Hill’s wine and food programs. Combined with Lynn Easton’s stylistic vision, our space is artful, modern, intentional and sustainable. Much like Pippin Hill itself, we wanted our rosé design to complement the natural glow of our land. The gorgeous deep pink color of the wine speaks for itself, and the packaging had to provide just the right accent of sophistication and shine.

To draw inspiration for the rosé bottle design, Stitch looked to Pippin Hill’s very own landscape. By using textures found around the property, like the lush gardens and the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Stitch rooted the bottle design in the land that we cherish and celebrate every day.

For the color palette, we explored various different options, like using our signature Easton blue, but Stitch ultimately drew inspiration from Pippin Hill Farm’s newest additions: the Pippin chickens. Our 12 hens live in a custom-made coop and produce around 60 eggs per week, which Executive Chef Ian Rynecki uses in the Pippin Hill kitchen. The color and texture of the chickens’ farm-fresh eggs served as inspiration for the bottle’s label and overall style.

The design options ranged from using classic farm iconography to embracing more modern symbols and fonts. One option featured a silhouette of plants growing in the Pippin Hill kitchen-garden, including pea shoot tendrils; another used modern silver block stripes. In the end, we settled on a design that combines both concepts – it’s clean and modern and pays homage to our farm and produce.

The final bottle is finished with a frosted matte coating. The label is a soft cotton paper and, to add a little glam, is embellished with silver embossing foil; it uses both a modern serif font and a more whimsical light cursive font. In this design, our farm landscape and garden combine with tasteful modern accents to create a rosé bottle that truly embodies the natural sophistication of Pippin Hill.

Visit us at Pippin Hill to try our fan-favorite rosé and see the final bottle design for yourself. Don’t forget to pair your rosé with the perfect cheese board!

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