Stock up for the holidays with our select bundles and save 20% this Friday, November 29th – Sunday, December 1st. We’re wrapping up Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals into two unbeatable bundles. Whether your hosting this holiday season or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, our two bundles will help you get a head start on the holiday to-do list.

Can’t make it out to Pippin Hill this weekend? You’re in luck. The bundles will also be available to purchase online. For online orders, special pricing is available now through December 2, 2019. Online orders will ship the week of December 2nd. We ship to CA, DC, FL, NC, MD and VA.

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Charleston Bundle 

This bundle is a nod to our Holy City sister properties. It includes 2018 Zero White, 2017 Cannon Red, and an early release of our 2017 Wild Common Reserve, named after our newest Easton Porter Group restaurant called Wild Common in Charleston, SC.
$85+ tax for bundle

2017 Wild Common Reserve 

2017 was one of the best years this decade for Virginia wine and our Merlot was no different. We utilized the benefits of the microclimate to our advantage and with this we ring in our 2017 reserve reds with our first ever vintage of the Wild Common Reserve. It features an intense nose of leather and dark cacao, with subtle hints of black peppercorn and rose petal. The palate gives way to brooding dark cherries and pomegranate, followed by tobacco and the black pepper we found on the nose. The well-integrated tannins and acid on the finish play like the conversation that you’re supposed to be having across the table. 

2017 Cannon Red

Named for our sister property in Charleston, SC, Cannon Green, this wine may be easy to drink, but is complex and whimsical. . . . “an easy drinking red for a serious red drinker”. The nose has an easy smokiness and hints of blackberries and blueberry. Dried leaves, plum, clove and leather linger on the palate for a delightfully complex finish with medium body and tannins.

2018 Zero White 

Zero White is fruity and complex with fennel pollen, lemon, elderflower and a touch of thyme on the nose. Mid-palate shows grapefruit and pluot (a fruit that tastes like a combination of apricot and plum), accentuated by a coriander spice, with a finish that is clean and acidic.  This wine is rich yet lively which makes it perfect for the beach, garden parties, or your table. . . no matter the occasion.

Charlottesville Bundle

Closer to home, enjoy our 2016 Easton Blue, 2018 Red Pump Red and our limited release of the 2018 Rosé.
Pro-Tip: Rosé is not currently on our Tasting Menu, so use this opportunity to stock up and enjoy a favorite this holiday season!

2016 Easton Blue 

Our 2016 Easton Blue is our signature red blend. Rich up front with bayleaf, red currant and traces of cedar, the body remains grippy which emphasizes the leathery notes with hints of lilac. The finesse of the finish highlights the acidity while lingering tobacco notes make this one of our best food wines. Let it breathe, and enjoy.

2018 Red Pump Red

Our popular Red Pump is a blend of Merlot, Cab Franc, Chambourcin, Cab Sauv and Tannat.  The addition of Tannat gives it that earthy nose which transcends to the deep black cherry and blackberry on the palate. The finish is slightly oaky with a nice light acidity and tannins. We suggest serving this at room temp or slightly chilled at a backyard barbecue.

2018 Rosé

Our Rosé is both fruity and floral in the aromatics, like a basket of strawberries garnished with rose petal and a few sprigs of lavender thrown in for fun. The palate offers hints of watermelon which give way to tart raspberry, with a touch of Meyer lemon. Our Rosé is not sweet but slightly dry and that makes it perfect for the spring and summer months, chilled and close enough to refill your glass without having to get out of the hammock.

$85+ tax for bundle

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