Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard’s Summer Farm Sparkling Rosé is made using the Charmat process; a process in which champagne undergoes second fermentation in a glass lined vat instead of in the bottle, creating a light and lyrical Sparkling Rosé.

Production Notes

Our Summer Farm Sparkling Rosé is made from the latest harvesting of our Cabernet Franc grapes, which were crushed and soaked overnight. It was fermented at cold temperatures and aged for eight months in stainless to maintain fruitiness and naturally aged sur lees to build the richness, and to subtly introduce the yeast component.



Facts about our Sparkling

rose-pippin-hill-tasting-room-winery-vaAlcohol                   13.5%
Residual Sugar      Less than 0.2%
Acidity                     7.0 G/L
Blend                       100% Cab Franc/  Rosé
Harvest Date         September 25th, 2010
Production             Limited – 120 Cases



Food Pairings

IMG_3291Our sparkling rosé is ideal with grilled seafood and cold summer dishes, from poultry to smoked salmon, soups and salads.  This beautiful Rosé’s vibrant acidity makes it satisfying to the tongue and a fabulously delightful pairing for various summer dishes.  It is is brilliant, vibrant and lively, an elegant expression of ripe strawberries, soft rose petal and chocolate woven together with a lovely minerality and crisp freshness. The sparkling has a long and satiny finish with a creamy mouth feel.

Chef Amalia – “To me, the epitome of summer is the freshness of heirloom tomatoes cooled down by a sip of our sparkling rose.  The strawberry notes enhance the sweetness and juiciness of the heirloom tomatoes and the dry finish cuts through the richness of the Ligurian Olive Oil making this an ideal summer dish.” 


brad-pitt-6001For the past couple of years, Rosé has taken back seat to summer whites like Pinots and Chardonnays. Thanks to megastars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, however, Rosé is making a comeback.  With the launch of their Miraval Rosé from their Provence estate, Rosé has begun the resurge back into vogue.  And ours happens to be sparkling, so let the celebrations commence!


Trending Now

photo by Andrea Hubbell

Stay cool this summer with Pippin Hill’s Summer Farm Sparkling Rosé Cocktail.  Incorporate mason jars for an adorable and creative addition to your next summer BBQ or evening cocktail party!

You will need:

-4 ounces Pama Liqueur
-12 ounces of freshly squeezed lemonade
-12 ounces of Pippin Hill’s SummerFarm Sparkling Rosé
-Fresh Raspberries

Combine the Pama Liquer and freshly squeezed lemonade.  Strain over ice. Add Pippin Hills Summer Farm Sparkling Rosé.  Pour into individual mason jars and add three fresh raspberries to each jar.

Serves 4 

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