pippin-hill-harvest-charlottesville-vaSAUVIGNON BLANC HARVEST 2013

pippin-hill-wine-love-at-first-crushPippin Hill Wine… Love at First Crush

Just last week, we harvested our first-estate grown wine, the Sauvignon Blanc. On the cool and crisp Monday, our vineyard crew was ready to start the picking at 6:00 AM. Dedicated and efficient, and after a long day’s work we ended up with 4.5 tons on one acre!

We had a very wet season, and as you can imagine – viticulturists don’t like wet seasons. To offset the wetter than usual conditions, Manuel, one of the harvest leaders, managed the canopy which enabled maximum air and sunlight to enter the canopy and hit the grapes. Between the use of the canopy, and the tremendous end to the season with brilliantly sunny, much cooler days, our fruit was able to take a big jump in ripening. In the end, we had a nice, successful harvest with clean fruit and sweet flavors!

And despite the wet weather this summer, Pippin Hill’s Viticulturist Chris Hill believes,
“we have the best grape growers in the U.S. here in Virginia.”

Our Winemaker Michael Shaps over at Virginia Wineworks shared that the Sauvignon Blanc juice was absolutely delicious. The juice offers a balanced, nuanced sense of fruit forward with slight essence of herbs and great nose.

Stay tuned as we take you inside the action at Virginia Wineworks where we are busy destemming, sorting and pressing our Sauv Blanc grapes!


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