It is hard to believe our Pippin Hill is in its 3rd year of business!

Pippin-Hill-01What started as a vision on The Hill, is now a reality for our visitors.

Proprietors Lynn Easton Andrews of Easton Events and Dean Porter Andrews, together with George Abetti, founder of GeoBarns LLC, poured passionate hearts and enthusiastic efforts into the construction and completion of our Pippin Hill.

For Lynn & Dean, they wanted to create a winery where guests “could come home” — experience a glass of estate grown Sauvignon Blanc paired with a seasonal salad, come home to friendly faces, to an afternoon passing time with family and friends. Whatever it is, they envisioned a premier event venue where guests “could come home.”

Their Virginia Farm Winery concept quickly became a reality in large part due to the indefatigable focus and skill from trusted contractor, and friend, George Abetti.  Over the seven month timeframe, George was the invaluable hand that guided the creation of Pippin Hill that draws on elements of an authentic Virginia thoroughbred horse barn.

Dean shares, “We began discussions with George Abetti several years ago, with our winery business plan followed by the very preliminary schematic sketches that he did as concept drawings for our Pippin Hill project. From that state it has been an incredible journey to design, engineer and refine our buildings, with all of its interrelated spaces and functions.

The entire 15,000 feet of Pippin Hill has Geobarn’s imprint.”

As the vision came underway, ground was broken, vines were planted and the Blue Ridge Mountains came to life. From early November’s muddy ditches to May’s first wedding, Their collaboration with George and the hard work and dedication of GeoBarns resulted in what Pippin Hill has become —
and far exceeding everyones expectations.

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