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Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard’s champagne style sparkling white wine is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes produced using the Charmat process; a process in which champagne undergoes second fermentation in a glass lined vat instead of in the bottle.

Production  Notes

harvest 7Our protocol was designed to produce a light and delicate sparkling wine.  Our Chardonnay was 100% barrel fermented and aged in neutral oak.  During the aging every week for the first two months and monthly thereafter, we stirred the Lees to produce the softness and roundness that characterizes this wine. The CO2 makes it fresher and imparts its light taste. The energetic bubbles produce aromas of fresh bread and vanilla, with notes of green apple and Chinese pear.  The bright acidity makes for a well balanced wine.

Facts about our Sparkling

Alcohol                       12.2%
Residual Sugar          .05%
Acidity                         6.2 G/L
Blend                           100% Chardonnay
Harvest Date             August 2011 – 2012
Production                 350 Cases



Food Pairings

Just as you would pair red and white wines to certain foods, champagne is fully appreciated when served with the right flavors.  Most dry sparkling wines, such as brut Champagne and Spanish Cava, actually have a faint touch of sweetness that makes them extra-refreshing when served with salty foods, or a range of desserts.  This versatile and elegant sparkling pairs well with salty seafoods such as smoke trout or salmon, fish paté or even simple french cheeses such Brie and Camembert.

Don’t feel like cooking?  That’s okay,  our Chef Amalia Scatena has the perfect pairing for your glass of Blanc de Blanc.  Chef suggests to pair this sparkling wine with our Crispy Chesapeake Oysters off of The Farm Table and Wine Bar Menu.

“I like wine & food pairings to do something to the palette.  Your tongue has different sensors on it and with oysters you bite into it its crispy and hot, and then you hit it with the champagne that is bubbly and smooth and it just works.  The combination does wonders to your palette. “


Champagne and celebrations go hand-in-hand.  Like the joy of warm summers replacing cold winters, the sparkle and subtle flavor of this wine refreshes our zest for life and living.  Imagine a sunny day at a lawn party by the sea, enjoying a slow and relaxing afternoon filled with nothing but champagne and band music. Recreate a Gatsby gathering with champagne under the stars. Whether you’re raising a glass to the class of 2013 or looking for the perfect pre-dinner apéritif, the tiny bubbles and soothing sweet flavors of our Blanc de Blanc will certainly do the trick!

Trending Now

So why save it just for weddings and graduation? Champagne adds a luster to every day gatherings and makes each occasion a celebratory one.  And if you really want to guild the lily, add a dash of creme de cassis (currant syrup) to our elegant champagne to make a Kir Royale fit for Kate Middleton.

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