At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, we believe great wine deserves great food. Crafting gourmet cuisine to compliment our world-class wines is an essential part of our vineyard-to-table experience.We encourage our guests enjoy our world-class wines while savoring our exciting and delicious cuisine. Learn how to pair one of our favorite white wines, Zero White.

This fruity wine is complex yet versatile. Zero White’s mellow, stone fruit flavors make it the perfect addition to a trip to the beach or a picnic in a garden. Whether on your back porch or in our Tasting Room, this wine is fantastic on its own. If you want to order food alongside it though, it’s a great wine to pair too. Our Chutney Spiced Carrots are the ideal dish to order alongside our Zero White. The sweetness of the wine compliments the earthiness of the carrots, giving your palate a perfect balance of flavor.


Do you want to learn more about pairing food and wine? Read our go-to guide that makes wine pairing as fun and easy as can be.

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