At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, we take as much care with our food as we do with our wine. Our Tasting Room loves to craft delicious pairings for our equally delicious world-class wines. Get the most out of your wine by sipping it alongside its perfect food pairing. Our Tasting Room menu has plenty of options to make sure all your wine and food preferences are met. We want to make sure you pick the best combinations for the ultimate Pippin Hill experience. Read below to learn how to best pair one of our signature red blends, Cannon Red.

Cannon Red is a sweet, easy-to-drink red.It has butterscotch on the nose, rhubarb and dark cherries in the middle, and more cherry on the finish. If you want a snack with it, order our classic Cheese Board. If you’re looking for something heavier, pair it with a red meat. Our Pippin Sliders or Cabernet Franc Glazed Short Ribs are both tasty options.


We think the right food and wine pairing makes all the difference! Learn the basics about pairing from our go-to guide.


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