Here we are… November 10th… and Pippin Hill is fully under construction!

The concrete for the foundation has been poured, our barn builder, George, has arrived from Vermont, the lumber has been delivered, and the road has been laid!

It is thrilling!  We took an office outing to check in on the site and admire the progress…

You would not believe how quickly things have changed in the past couple of weeks. Just four days ago, this footprint was not nearly as complete.

Today was one of those strangely warm fall days. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun cast a gorgeous late afternoon glow.

After a trip to our FAVORITE pizza and beet salad local haunt – Doctor Ho’s Humble Pie – the team ventured over to the site. With the driveway in place – we rounded the hill to an exciting result… Pippin Hill in progress.

Take a look at some of the images… We only wished we could fast forward this perfect fall day and give it to a lucky bride!

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