Ode to the Oyster

Next Wednesday, February 26th
Come out of your Shell at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards!

Join us from 6-9:00 PM as we explore the endless possibilities of preparing Oysters!

Though it’s hard to improve a raw oyster on the half shell, our Chef will teach you the essential tips for successfully preparing and serving this luscious bivalve. From lightly roasted and topped with spicy condiments to oyster Rockefeller and fried oyster Po’ Boy – you will be hosting your spring seafood dinner party before you know it.

The all-inclusive package is $85.00 per person, $75.00 for wine club members and includes Pippin Hill wine served throughout the evening. Classes begin at 6:00 pm and are limited to 16 people per class to ensure an intimate, hands-on experience.

Email meg@www.pippinhillfarm.com to reserve your spot today, and come out of your shell!

Can’t make it to our Ode to The Oyster class? Check out the themes for our upcoming classes, and email meg@www.pippinhillfarm.com to reserve your spot today!

photo by Andrea Hubbell Photography

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