New Fall Menu Item on our Farm Table & Wine Bar Tasting Room Lunch Menu – Hand Made Tortellini with Burford pears, Caromont chévre, kale pesto and thyme flowers.

Our Chef Amalia Scatena is eagerly embracing the cooler months ahead. For Chef, Fall signifies hearty, cozy, goodness – from delicate squash soups to crunchy homemade pizzas. Now, for the first time since we opened over two years ago, Chef believes that the Pippin Hill kitchen crew is on their “A-game,” fully prepared to tackle the nuances of making not good, not great, but phenomenal homemade pasta.  Obtaining her culinary training in Florence, Italy, Chef doesn’t mess around when it comes to pasta. She learned the craft of homemade pasta making early in her culinary career, and wants the tradition to carry on in her kitchen at Pippin Hill.

Chef’s tortellini is made using fine Italian flour and duck egg yolks which creates a strong rich flavor in every bite. Each tortellini is stuffed with Caromont Farm goat cheese, and pears poached in Pippin Hill Viognier syrup. Veering away from traditional pesto, kale is a hearty component of the dish and comes straight from our kitchen garden. And of course, each dish has loads of shaved parmesan for that extra cheesy goodness. Thyme flowers, also from our kitchen garden complete this delectable meal, offering a herbacious bite at the end! Come out and see us, and enjoy this flavorful fall pasta!

For Chef, “there is nothing more comforting than soft, cheesy pasta when it’s nice and cold outside.”

See Sous Chef, Lee Hendricksen and Lead Line Cook, Allie McGrath hard at work:


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