Happy National Sauvignon Blanc Day!

Everyday is a great day to celebrate wine. Today, however, we focus on our 2019 Sauvignon Blanc– a silver medal recipient at this year’s Governor’s Cup!

Sauvignon Blanc is unique within the Virginia climate as it is a grape with higher acidity. This acidity helps it hold up to the heat and rain to some degree during hot Virginia summers. As it is also one of the first grapes to ripen, this leads to it getting off the vine sooner, and if the growing season works out well, it will lend itself to be a more reliable, less risky crop. This is especially important, as it won’t have to deal with the tricky hurricane season!

Specific to our 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, this grape was part of a vintage that saw some of our highest quality fruit come off our vineyards! An easy spring with little frost pressure led to a hot and dry summer, with August and September being lucky with the hurricane pressure being low. This led to a fast harvest that ended after six weeks, which means we had to have all hands on deck for the fall months. We produced a record breaking crop with the 2019 vintage, and we are eager to see the success of it in the years to come! If you’d like to read more about our 2019 Harvest Season, head over to this blog post.

We asked our Vineyard Manager, Brooks Hoover, to offer his expertise on what is best to pair with this year’s blend. When tasting, Brooks notes that it’s important to understand how “the merit of white wine is in its freshness, so the quintessential tropical and grapefruit character is always in the forward pallet of this wine. The finish is clean and crisp, which makes it a refreshing afternoon or evening wine, if not with food.” Brooks continued, “anything with acidity is a good idea to pair with the Sauv Blanc, as you want to match your acidity of food and wine together, lest one drown out the other.  We’re only selling cheese boards and sliders right now for pick up, so the only thing I can recommend right now are seafood and shellfish items.  Fish tacos with lime juice squeezed on is a good example.” Enjoy!

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