We’ve added a few new chicks to our coop at Pippin Hill! Inspired by our Easton Blue wine, the Blue Wyandotte breed joins the other three breeds that arrived last spring – the Barred Plymouth Rock, the Buff Orpington and the Rhode Island Red.

These new Blue Wyandotte chickens are both dependable and easy-going, making them the perfect addition to the Pippin Hill coop. Each one lays about one egg a day, contributing to the farm-to-table initiative at Pippin Hill. The color of the eggs vary in different shades of brown and are almost as pretty as the chickens themselves!

Over the past year, the Pippin Chickens have become a key component of our farm-to-table philosophy and agritourism initiative at Pippin Hill. All 14 chickens produce approximately 7 dozen eggs per week. Our kitchen scraps feed the chickens; chicken eggs go to the kitchen for Chef’s cooking and baking; egg shells go back into the compost bin, and compost fertilizes the vegetable and flower gardens. It’s a loop that supports our mission of sustainable agritourism.

Be sure to check out the #PippinChickens during your next visit to Pippin Hill and read more about them here.

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