There are hundreds of important decisions to make when planning a wedding and every minuscule decision often seems more important than the last. Deciding whether or not to invite kids to your wedding is often a decision that is overlooked until the last minute, causing it to become one of the most difficult. Are you set on having a kid-friendly wedding and think you can easily check that off your to-do list? Well, think again –  according to Zola, an online wedding registry and planning site, the decision to have kids at your wedding often has a lot more layers to it than you initially think. Do you want to invite some friend’s kids but not others? Do you worry about the tiny one’s ruining your big day? Do you need a kid friendly menu? Below we highlight our top tips to think about when deciding whether to invite kids to your wedding.

1. Ask Yourself: 

How many guests do you want to invite?

If you are having a big wedding, you may not mind a few extra little guests running around.

How many guests would bring kids?

Guests with young children often look forward to a kid-free evening. Before deciding whether or not to invite kids, consider how many guests would actually bring their kids.

Are the majority of guests out of town or local? 

Location matters. If guests are local, it is a lot easier for them to hire a babysitter for the night. Guests from out of town will have to leave the kids with a babysitter at home all weekend or find a new one in the wedding location. If you opt for a kid-free wedding, consider providing local babysitter recommendations.

2. Address the envelopes properly 

Make it clear who is invited. If you want to include kids, address the envelope “and family.” If you don’t want to include kids, explain to your parent friends early on that your big day is a formal affair.

3. Be prepared to entertain the kids 

We love how this Pippin Hill bride included a canvas tepee to serve as a kids hideout. Kid-friendly drinks, snacks, and games keep the kids entertained and allow the parents to have a fun, low-stress evening!

If you’re planning on having a kid-free wedding, you are not alone! Zola recently polled their social media followers and found that out of 1,600 responses, “63% of couples are having an adults-only wedding, leaving 37% of couples to throw the all-ages event of their dreams.”

These are just a few important things to consider when deciding whether or not you want a kid-free wedding! Be sure to check out Zola’s super helpful flowchart to help narrow your decision.

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