It’s late July in Charlottesville, which means the beautiful white Hydrangea bushes that line our main walkway are in full bloom here at Pippin Hill Farm. Hydrangeas are some of our favorite flowers, especially since they bloom in the hot summer months that are inhospitable to many other plants. In an effort to learn more about our beloved Pippin Hill Hydrangeas – the Hydrangea Paniculata “Lime Light” variety to be exact – we sat down with our amazing certified horticulturalist, Diane, to get the scoop on the perennial favorite. Read on to become a Hydrangea expert, and stop by Pippin Hill Farm soon to see the beauties for yourself!

“Paniculatas bloom on new wood, so it needs to be pruned down in late winer to early spring yo about 2.5′-3′ in height. As opposed to the common blue type of hydrangea, macrophylla, which blooms on old wood and should be pruned right after it blooms in late summer. Hydrangea Paniculata grow to be about 6-8′ in height and have a 4′-5′ spread. A newer cultivar of  the Lime Light is called ‘Little Lime’ and has been on the market for the last five years. Little Lime grows to be about 4′ in height and spread, and would be a good choice for smaller spaces.

“Hydrangeas grow best in full sun and would benefit from some late afternoon shade. Since ours are in full sun 8:00am – 8:00pm, I give plenty of water during dry periods to keep the leaves and flowers from turning brown early.

“While most buds are still tight they have a wonderful lime green color to them, hence the name. When in full bloom, they turn to a creamy white with just a hint of green in the center. 

The end of July is the best time to see our Hydrangeas, so be sure to stop by Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards before it’s too late. Snap some pictures, soak up the beautiful views, then relax with a glass of wine on our veranda. See you soon!

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