At Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, our Tasting Room crafts scrumptious bites to enhance the experience of our world-class wines. We believe our sustainably grown, locally sourced food and wine should be paired together carefully. Read on to learn to pair cuisine with our Viognier, a refreshing white wine, and a signature Virginia grape.

This full-bodied wine needs a creamy, mouthcoating dish to eat alongside it. Cheese plates go great with Viognier. When selecting cheeses, stick to mild varieties like mild cheddar or brie. Avoid an overpowering option, such as blue cheese. When you’re sipping on a glass of Viognier on our veranda or in our Tasting Room, pair it with our Cheese Board. It’s the perfect match for this slightly sweet wine.


Learn more about the best wine and food pairing practices in our go-to guide.

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