What’s hot in 2012? Canning, preserving, curing, and pickling. Yes, it seems old fashioned, but do-it-yourself canning is back and making waves throughout the food scene.

Chef’s are joining the cause and preserving to create their own unique pickled vegetables, house-smoked meats and cheeses, jams, and sauces.  Chef Amalia is a fan and features several house-made favorites on the menu including Pippin Hill’s sweet onion jam, grape must mustard, fig mostarda, and sour cherry preserves.

All these methods of preserving let you keep summer flavors tasting fresh all year long, save money, waste less food, and experiment with your own unique combinations of flavors, spices, and sauces.

For an easy guide to canning yourself, see the USDA guide

Postcard, Ball Home Preserving book

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