It’s a new year, and for us at Pippin Hill that has meant a host of new adventures, new knowledge, and a new found appreciation for all the (tedious) details required to build something exceptional from nothing.  It’s hard to believe where we were just a mere 6 months ago – we had a makeshift “tent” on a plot of land, an incredible panoramic view, and a plan.  Fast forward to mid-November when George and the Geobarns team arrived to begin construction and we booked our first wedding based on the trust that our team was capable enough to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Well, 60 days after building began we have this:

The roof has gone on, the concrete floors have been poured, the Veranda Terrace constructed, siding painted and put up, interior framing mostly complete, and the Tasting Room has gone vertical.  Additional crews have joined our skillful teams and the (somewhat) warmer weather translates to longer working days.

Dean and I seldom find time to breath, and weekdays and weekends all blend together as we are not just constructing a beautiful space, but are building a business.  Together, with all of the support from our various colleagues and specialists, we have moved forward on all Pippin Hill fronts:

DrinkOur white wines are ready to be bottled and we were able to enjoy a couple of glasses of the Viognier and Chardonnay in January – thanks Michael Shaps!  The range of Pippin Hill red wines are aging in barrels, and will be bottled soon.  The Vineyard rows have been marked and the ground drilled, so vines will be planted within the next month as the weather heats up.

EatChef Amalia Scatena joined our team as the Executive Chef of Pippin Hill Farm, and has been working with Chef Craig Hartman on designing the vineyard-to-table inspired menus.  Stay tuned to our website for the latest cuisine updates!

Party, etc. – Our 2011-2012 calendar is booking up quickly! We cannot wait to watch our first bride walk down the aisle on May 28 – in just a few short months.  Our wonderful artistic team, JohnSarahJohn, has finalized the major interior elements while bringing together design gems that will add the finishing touches to the authentic setting.  Our custom windows and doors are in production, and will be arriving by mid-March.

Dean is in NYC at the restaurant shows, making major kitchen decisions, and then he and Lynn are off to Mexico to finalize production of interior elements!

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